World Baseball League

The World Baseball League:
A League for International Baseball Athletes


We have created a new short season league designed for the the unsigned, international, former enlisted, non-traditional athlete.

We have a professional protocol of play, a league membership process, and a networking protocol into traditional professional/international competition.

The WBL will provide national and international competition, develop global business partnerships withing the WBL System, and provide a dynamic revenue sharing program of the WBL. The WBL will provide communities with positive entertainment/mentorship via virtuous living, respect for self, and for others.

The WBL Challenge
If a player has the passion for playing in professional competition, then the World Baseball League will provide him an opportunity to play. 45-50 Games in a short span of two months (June-July) followed by an international World Series week held in Atlanta, GA during the month of August.

The WBL has designed a professional program of baseball play/development that will pay players as much as they are willing to put into it. However, each player must put in sweat equity and must have the commitment to participate in this program that will ultimately provide competitive income from ALL individual player Efforts.